Baby up in this Bi*tch
Baby up in this Bi*tch

Baby up in this Bi*tch

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 Font Size in Inches (Length x Height)

Decals ship in a stamped envelope.. which allows us to provide free shipping .  

If you would like your decal to arrive sooner let me know before purchase .
Check out my shop for custom decals.
If you would also like a smaller size feel free to contact me.

Out door vinyl used



Make sure to know where you want your decal before application.

1. Clean the mirror well with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. (Do NOT use window cleaning products or other chemicals).
2. Let the glass dry before vinyl application.
3. Before applying the decal, use a credit/debit card and firmly glide it back and forth over the decal.
4. Peel transfer tape off of the paper and position decal on mirror.
5. Use a credit/debit card and rub the sticker back and forth with the card (transfer tape should still be on).
6. Peel transfer tape off very slowly.
If you see air bubbles on your decal you can easily smooth them out with a card or apply warm heat with a blow dryer to get rid of the air bubbles .

Another way to prevent air bubbles is by smoothing out your decal letter by letter when applying onto surface (INSTRUCTION VIDEO WILL BE LINKED SOON)

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